Thursday, March 04, 2010

A (not so) Grand Day Out

Gosh! ... I actually have something to post ;-)

Today I had a 'Pre-operative asessment' This is in fact a posh name for being prodded and poked in an effort to determine your fitness for an operation. I think it's somewhat odd that they need to do this, after all you get investigated by assorted doctors when you have a health problem so the information is already there - and to be fair if you were 'fit' then you may well not need the surgery.

Anyhew...... this op is to remove what's left of my teeth.

This isn't due to me not brushing/flossing/using a sand blaster, but rather more to do with what I percieve to be maniacal and misguided Dentists.

These Frankdentstein type 'professionals' where labouring under the misguided idea that drilling large holes in teeth was the way to go back in the day. This coupled with me having relatively soft enamel, left me whith a legacy of splitting teeth and a phobia about people poking around in me gob - hence the op.

I opted for a general anaesthetic (I like these ;-) ) so's I won't know anything about it... spare me a thought next week on Thursday.

Good has come out of this though, I now now my highish blood pressure hasn't damaged my heart "depressingly normal" said the ecg operative, my BMI is in the right area on the scale.

As a moment of light relief - when during the qeustionaire filling I was asked "do you fall often?" (I'm partly disabled) , my reply was " yes - with monotonous regularity!"