Friday, February 12, 2010

Things what is happening ...

Well then.....4D has got part one of his intructoring. Yaaaay! way to go Dinners!

Meanwhile I've been applying large ammounts of plywood to the inside of my roof. the inside of the roof.

It's to do with insulting the loft space so's I got somwhere to 'play trains' as Darth Hobbit calls it - I call it railway modelling ....... oh and also as a place to get inebriated without interfering with his telly watching S:

There is also rather a lot of fibreglass wooly stuff up there (it went up first;) ) ...................I have now decided I don't like insulating lofts.

If I could find 1) my camera 2) all the bits of string that plug it into the 'pooter and 3) the battery charger, I'd show you. Problem is - they're all up there too ( also I think one of the cats may have eaten some of the string).

The next project will be sorting out some metalwork for Michelle... she needs it to stop the bathroom in her house becoming intermingled/crossbred/as one with the kitchen ( 's wierd not calling her 'Donna') - the 'previous owner syndrome' in her house has reached new heights of epic proportions, I'll let her post about that though.

Oh well... I'd better get back to the splinters in me paws

Things you really shouldn't have said

An occasional series of stufff

Heard/seen on TV the other night as two CID officers knocked on the window of a car containing a working girl and a chap 'conducting business'
"Right sir, just pop yourself out here"

.................. dearie me! The officer didn't think that through XD