Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm still here...

I know, I know...too long since my last post.

Well, mostly not a huge amount going on around here. The side effects from my medication seem to have calmed down - although the loss of my ability to draw or paint is distressing, as is my ability to get "aroused" :(

My 'pooter is full a planned post has been postponed until I ship some of the files out onto CDs..... this in turn means I have to tidy up duplicated stuff and delete all the junk. All this would probably present no problem for Donna, she nows about cyber stuff, but I have a worrying ability to send PCs insane, and invariably end up threatening them with hammers 'til they work. This is a technique that I apply to many things - it seems effective as very few devices break down around here........ maybe the word has got around all the household appliances!

For now..... "Toodle-pip!"....thanks to assorted people for your thoughts....

April...I KNOW you read this ;)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Life just gets better and better.

After a meeting with his line manager and HR personel.....Darth Hobbit is out of his job.

It would normally be enough to drive me to drink - unfortunately if I tried that while on my medication....the effects would be revolting - they are currently bad enough as it is



I've been given medication to help with my deppression..... it's side effects aren't pleasant.

I'll write some more when I feel a little better - for now you'll have to be patient with me.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Poo Buckets!

Oh well, I've not long said my goodbyes to Darth Hobbit and in the company of Smeagol he left for his journey back to the "Shire".

This week was meant to be a happy and relaxing time for the pair of us. Instead of which we've been battling the spectre of DH's line manager. Having driven DH to distraction by her inconsistent demands, inconsiderate "help strategies" and an almost tidal management technique (except you know when tides come and go) crisis point was reached and a visit to our GP became a necessity. For once our normally ambivalent Doctor actually paid attention to our condition, and listened. The result of this first appointment was that both of us were supplied with questionaires to complete - and a return visit to the surgery. Following this interview, the diagnosis was made that we were both "severely depressed" - DH being in a rather more vulnerable condition was immediately given an emergency appointment at a local psychiatric establishment.

Whilst I know that the NHS is not exactly rolling in funds and that illness is not meant to be fun, I can honestly say that the rise in mental health problems is possibly directly attributable to the state of health care establishments such as the place we visited.

Upon entry to this grim collection of 1970's design errors, the nature of the decor inside the building managed to exceed the air of despair that the outside had managed to instil. To compound this even further, the reception area and it's staff manage to ignore you totally... a great start - if you weren't too well before, this place ensured that treatment was necessary.

I won't go into what we endured, but it seems that various new ideas have been imported to the psychiatric proffession, the most disconcerting of which is the description that "as adults - you have "choices" and these are valid" . This worries me, at the time DH had expressed sentiments that should not be allowed to become action - to be told that these were "his choices" scared me. Eventually DH was appraised. True he was given drugs to help him, but precious little help seemed to be available. Darth Hobbit has spent the weekend pulling the tattered remnants of his confidence about him, girding his loins, recharging his lightsaber and deciding to go back and fight the "Cult of Mismanagement at Work" ..... I guess it was a better "choice" then going back to "Psychiatric Hell(p)"

Me..? Well I'll be seeing the GP on Monday, we'll have to wait and see - but I'll be buggered if I'm going to get sent to that place!

*looks through Yellow Pages for a decent Vet*