Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Errkk! What did they do?

Yipes!...I go to post a new entry, and I find all sorts of techno babble going on!

I have since forgotten what I was going to write (I create new entries "on the fly" as it were - so no pre-prepared stuff here) why can't things be left alone? It confuses us Luddites ;)

Anyhew.. the moving stuff is all but done, I'll write up a proper entry once I 1) remember what the heck I was going to write anyway, and 2) once I have my own time back.

Currently I'm rather stressed out, this hasn't helped with my depression , my agoraphobia and paranoia have also been exhibiting higher levels than usual and epileptic episodes (minor sleep incidents fortunately) have been making a showing.

I'll be glad once DH and I are settled in the Shire ...laters peoples :S