Sunday, September 24, 2006

Heya! .....

......I'm sorry if you guys out there feel if I've been ignoring you - it's not what's been happening.

Some of you may be aware that my hubby and I are enduring a period of enforced separation.It's not that we've broken up or anything like that, just that in order to make our life better Darth Hobbit has been working some way away from me here in the concrete jungle.

This was bad enough - we've not been apart from each other for the past 11 years - but there have been "developments" in DH's relationship with his line manager. "Who doesn't have problems with bosses?" I hear you say. However most people's grouses are exactly that...grouses. They don't end up as being suspended on pay whilst being suspected of being suicidal.

The whole situation has taken up a large chunk of my life.... DH is my husband and I love him dearly, so my energies have gone into supporting him - Donna has also been giving him help and advice. Donna hon...... I thank you

Added to this there has been the little matter of overseeing the transfer of domain ownership of a website I (theoretically) run...once again a task forced upon me by circumstances beyond my control ...................... my time has not been my own *sighs* but I'll probably write some more tomorrow - honest!

All of you who look in - I thank you...all of you who start poking me with sticks - be careful ....................

..... Kats have claws y'know ;-)