Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Kat returns......

Well then - I'm still not dead......

It's been an odd time what with major depression, being put onto medication for that - and the separation from Darth Hobbit.

I'd like to have blogged more (or simply blogged ;) ) but just didn't feel up to it, indeed I've avoided an awful lot of contact for a while - pulling my horns in so to speak - but now at last there may well be some light at the end of my particular tunnel.

Over the Yule period I spent time with DH and Donna at her place attending a concert (thank you soo much hon), putting up Christmas trees and also celebrating the New Year there, she's blogged about that so I'll not repeat her posting here. But the time spent down in the Shire was a great time enabling me to recharge myself and clear my head somewhat. DH and I spent a fair ammount of time wandering the woodlands and rediscovering the simple pleasure of being together and letting the rest of the world go hang for an hour or four.

Darth Hobbit and I also seem to be on the cusp of moving. The people helping him through his mental trials and tribulations have pushed the Council/Housing Association into action, recognition has been made of our vulnerable status and one offer has been made of a place. Unfortunately due to the "human element" the paperwork wasn't fully understood and it was assumed accomadation was needed for one person. When DH saw the place..... well lets just say "bijou" would be the best title.

All of the work the Council and Housing Association has done, and the speed with which they've worked has thrown up just how woefully inadequate the services of these departments in the Concrete Jungle really are. Indeed my warnings about the inefficiency of certain people have since been born out and this poor abillity has startled those in the Shires employ. thing though - living in the Shire, we discovered, can be very muddy indeed! I'll be having to get myself some green wellies :)


Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Caz has got green wellies. You aren't a snob too are you?? She bought me green ones and I refused to wear them. A punk in green wellies? well really!

welcome back n glad yer feelin a bit more alive x

7:00 PM  

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