Friday, April 23, 2010

Sees you laters .........

Well then, I'm going on holiday!

I know it's hardly earth shattering as a concept (unlike volcanoes ;-) ), but this will be the first holiday that Darth Hobbit and I have been on together in all the fifteen years we've been together.

We have in the past been on individual jaunts (many of mine weren't holidays though) and both of us have spent a weekend or three at Michelle's place(s) , which gave us both a welcome respite from the Concrete Jungle and its inhabitants.

Our son has been draughted in to care for the menagerie - which should provide blog material when he tries getting our lunatic dog to behave - and we have some plans for activities while we're away...................

I'll see you in a week or so - toodle-pip

Thursday, March 04, 2010

A (not so) Grand Day Out

Gosh! ... I actually have something to post ;-)

Today I had a 'Pre-operative asessment' This is in fact a posh name for being prodded and poked in an effort to determine your fitness for an operation. I think it's somewhat odd that they need to do this, after all you get investigated by assorted doctors when you have a health problem so the information is already there - and to be fair if you were 'fit' then you may well not need the surgery.

Anyhew...... this op is to remove what's left of my teeth.

This isn't due to me not brushing/flossing/using a sand blaster, but rather more to do with what I percieve to be maniacal and misguided Dentists.

These Frankdentstein type 'professionals' where labouring under the misguided idea that drilling large holes in teeth was the way to go back in the day. This coupled with me having relatively soft enamel, left me whith a legacy of splitting teeth and a phobia about people poking around in me gob - hence the op.

I opted for a general anaesthetic (I like these ;-) ) so's I won't know anything about it... spare me a thought next week on Thursday.

Good has come out of this though, I now now my highish blood pressure hasn't damaged my heart "depressingly normal" said the ecg operative, my BMI is in the right area on the scale.

As a moment of light relief - when during the qeustionaire filling I was asked "do you fall often?" (I'm partly disabled) , my reply was " yes - with monotonous regularity!"

Friday, February 12, 2010

Things what is happening ...

Well then.....4D has got part one of his intructoring. Yaaaay! way to go Dinners!

Meanwhile I've been applying large ammounts of plywood to the inside of my roof. the inside of the roof.

It's to do with insulting the loft space so's I got somwhere to 'play trains' as Darth Hobbit calls it - I call it railway modelling ....... oh and also as a place to get inebriated without interfering with his telly watching S:

There is also rather a lot of fibreglass wooly stuff up there (it went up first;) ) ...................I have now decided I don't like insulating lofts.

If I could find 1) my camera 2) all the bits of string that plug it into the 'pooter and 3) the battery charger, I'd show you. Problem is - they're all up there too ( also I think one of the cats may have eaten some of the string).

The next project will be sorting out some metalwork for Michelle... she needs it to stop the bathroom in her house becoming intermingled/crossbred/as one with the kitchen ( 's wierd not calling her 'Donna') - the 'previous owner syndrome' in her house has reached new heights of epic proportions, I'll let her post about that though.

Oh well... I'd better get back to the splinters in me paws

Things you really shouldn't have said

An occasional series of stufff

Heard/seen on TV the other night as two CID officers knocked on the window of a car containing a working girl and a chap 'conducting business'
"Right sir, just pop yourself out here"

.................. dearie me! The officer didn't think that through XD

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am ...... annoyed!

I have been meaning to post something witty and enjoyable for others to read. Unfortunately I find myself (admittedly in a state of inebriation) posting a rant.

I'm pee'd off with why the dustmen didn't collect rubbish when it snowed just slightly, and then left it so long thatthe crap built up to monumental crap heaps.

I can't understand why there is inquiry into inquiry about stuff (mostly the Iraq thing) .

Why commitees have to work out the reasons for things (see the old joke about how the camel came about).

Why I can't watch TV without it breaking up on this new wonder digital service when they promised a whole new standard of super duper quality.

........................................ aaahh foop[! ...........I'm pissed off with it all!

Great new post huh?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Errkk! What did they do?

Yipes!...I go to post a new entry, and I find all sorts of techno babble going on!

I have since forgotten what I was going to write (I create new entries "on the fly" as it were - so no pre-prepared stuff here) why can't things be left alone? It confuses us Luddites ;)

Anyhew.. the moving stuff is all but done, I'll write up a proper entry once I 1) remember what the heck I was going to write anyway, and 2) once I have my own time back.

Currently I'm rather stressed out, this hasn't helped with my depression , my agoraphobia and paranoia have also been exhibiting higher levels than usual and epileptic episodes (minor sleep incidents fortunately) have been making a showing.

I'll be glad once DH and I are settled in the Shire ...laters peoples :S

Sunday, February 04, 2007


You know I said "I ain't dead"? ........

Last night I nearly was! .... The campaign of transphobic behaviour stepped up a notch with an arson attack on my front door.

Front door burning...not normally a problem, go out the back - however I live on the 9th floor of a towerblock and don't have a back door. In fact there isn't a back anything, merely a 110 foot drop to the car park....

I would like to thank the Fire Service, Police and the London Ambulance Service for their swift arrivals on the scene and the assistance they gave - Thank you all very much indeed guys!

I would also like to thank a neighbour who cared for me once the "Brigade" got me out, poured tea down me and generally stopped me coming to bits... Lorna you were great hon *hugs*

Meh - Concrete Jungle..... I'll be glad when I've gone

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Kat returns......

Well then - I'm still not dead......

It's been an odd time what with major depression, being put onto medication for that - and the separation from Darth Hobbit.

I'd like to have blogged more (or simply blogged ;) ) but just didn't feel up to it, indeed I've avoided an awful lot of contact for a while - pulling my horns in so to speak - but now at last there may well be some light at the end of my particular tunnel.

Over the Yule period I spent time with DH and Donna at her place attending a concert (thank you soo much hon), putting up Christmas trees and also celebrating the New Year there, she's blogged about that so I'll not repeat her posting here. But the time spent down in the Shire was a great time enabling me to recharge myself and clear my head somewhat. DH and I spent a fair ammount of time wandering the woodlands and rediscovering the simple pleasure of being together and letting the rest of the world go hang for an hour or four.

Darth Hobbit and I also seem to be on the cusp of moving. The people helping him through his mental trials and tribulations have pushed the Council/Housing Association into action, recognition has been made of our vulnerable status and one offer has been made of a place. Unfortunately due to the "human element" the paperwork wasn't fully understood and it was assumed accomadation was needed for one person. When DH saw the place..... well lets just say "bijou" would be the best title.

All of the work the Council and Housing Association has done, and the speed with which they've worked has thrown up just how woefully inadequate the services of these departments in the Concrete Jungle really are. Indeed my warnings about the inefficiency of certain people have since been born out and this poor abillity has startled those in the Shires employ. thing though - living in the Shire, we discovered, can be very muddy indeed! I'll be having to get myself some green wellies :)